Private Charges

Private charges start at a base rate of £15, plus an additional £15 per ¼ hour the Doctor takes to complete your request, at our discretion.

Blood Group
(Cheque made payable to: University Hospital Bristol NHS Trust)
Blood Test – HIV
Blood Test – General
Certificate of Immunisations – Meningitis, ACWY
ECG test
Fitness tick list
Fitness to travel certificate
Freedom from infection certificate
General tests (Treatment Room)
HGV/LGV/PSV/Hackney Carriage exam (Taxi medical)
Holiday cancellation form
International cert of vaccination
Insurance claim forms (Requested by the patient)
Letters (Including private referral letters)
Medical examination w/out report
Medical examination with report
Medical report without exam
Overseas visitor consultation
Pregnancy testing (free for under 25)
Sick note
Sickness/accident claim form
Smears (Pt to pay privately via BUPA/Spire or other service. Charges vary.)