Career Paths at MHC

Here at MHC, we strive to encourage all staff to reach their potential, both clinical and non-clinical.

Careers in healthcare can be very varied and often follow non-traditional routes, for example you may start as non-clinical and end up in a clinical role or move across different departments to gain experience of all areas of the business.

We have staff here who have started as health navigators and have now moved on to work in phlebotomy & be GP assistants (based in the treatment room), as well as staff who have progressed from health navigation to lead navigators & management. There are also roles such as clinic co-ordinator, administration, registrations, prescriptions team, patient services, and care co-ordination that health navigation staff have moved on to.

For the clinical GP staff, we really want our team members to find their area of passion, be that training, research, or even specific areas of healthcare such as paediatrics or palliative care. Members of the nursing team have also undertaken additional training in relation to specific long-term conditions, or areas such as infection control and the health care assistants have been encouraged to undertake further training to expand their capabilities and responsibilities.

We actively empower staff to go for interviews for other roles within the business and offer feedback afterwards if required, this enables staff who haven’t been successful on this occasion to know the areas they should focus on to put them in a stronger position next time.

If you are interested in starting your career with MHC, please keep an eye on ‘Indeed’, ‘BNSSG jobs’ & ‘NHS jobs’ for upcoming vacancies, or email your CV and details to: [email protected].