Announcement regarding changes to the booking system at MHC

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From Monday 03.06.24 MHC is changing the way it books appointments, making the process more streamlined and directing you to appropriate care. 

We are adopting a new online triage system for all routine enquiries called Accurx. This new system takes over from Econsult which will cease the Friday before.

What this means is that any patients requiring ROUTINE APPOINTMENTS (anything non-urgent) with a GP, or the treatment room should submit an online request form, which will avoid you needing to call.  This system can also be used to request items such as sick notes, general administration enquiries and medication enquiries, which means that the phonelines can be kept for just urgent matters. 

To reiterate, all urgent matters should be directed to us via the phone/in person & not via the online form.

The Health Navigation team will respond to your online form submission within 2 working days, this may be by email, text or by phone depending on your request.  They will also assign your request to the most appropriate member of the team as necessary.

The system will open at 08:00am each working day until all appointments have been filled, but admin/meds enquiries can be submitted until 18:30 each working day.

We also encourage all patients to download the NHS app which allows you access to recent test results, such as blood tests. This then means you can access your information without the need to contact us at all.  Details of how to use the NHS app are below:

To submit a form from 03.06.24, please visit our website and look for ‘Online Services’ on the main page.