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After you download the app, you will need to set up an NHS login and prove who you are. The app then securely connects to information from your GP surgery.

If your device supports fingerprint detection or facial recognition, you can use it to log in to the NHS App each time, instead of using a password and security code.

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Changes to funding routes for planned treatment abroad

The ways in which patients can access planned treatment abroad have changed following the UK leaving the EU on 31 December 2020. Pre-authorized planned treatment at state-run facilities continues to operate under the S2 funding route but the EU directive rote is no longer available for patients starting treatment after 31 December 2020.

Patients considering receiving planned treatment abroad should look at the official S2 funding route. This will not require patients to pay their treatment costs up-front. Patients should be wary of using third-party services which organize planned treatment abroad on their behalf, as these services often rely on the EU directive route and may not be able to refund the treatment costs. There have been several cases of patients being out of pocket due to using these services. Information on the EU directive is available here.

COVID UPDATE – July 19th onwards

Montpelier Health will be keeping their current COVID policy for the foreseeable future.

When visiting the practice, your temperature will be taken, you will be asked to wear a face covering and observe social distancing. Please attend appointments unaccompanied where possible.

We are asking this to protect our most vulnerable patients, our staff and you.

COVID positive cases are increasing significantly and look likely to continue rising over the summer. This pandemic is not over. We are just at the beginning of a third wave.

Please respect our staff and be polite when they remind you of this policy. We are all under pressure, but confrontation and aggression will not be tolerated.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information Videos

These videos address a range of commonly asked questions and concerns related to the vaccine: