Staff Update March 2015

After almost 29 years I will no longer be working at Montpelier Health Centre.

I started here in 1986 after I left the RAF and soon realised what a challenging but enjoyable place it is to work in. Over the years there have been many changes to the health service and to our practice here but with support from the team and our patients we have continued to thrive and, I believe, provide a good quality of health care.

One of the recent changes was when we merged with a practice in the countryside – at Pilning – and I have been working there as well as here for the past couple of years. It is with a lot of mixed feelings that I will now be moving to work at Pilning full time – a rural practice which could hardly be more different from here and a new challenge for me.

I would like to thank all the patients who come to the health centre – you are many and varied and  over 29 years I have seen many of you grow up and have families of your own.  Many of you feel more like friends than patients – you probably know who you are!

I have long had an interest in helping the people of Nepal and the support from patients and staff for my work there has been amazing. Together we have raised money for 2 health posts, high in the Himalayas as well as supporting some of the many schools we have built out there. I and the rest of the team at Pahar Trust Nepal are very grateful for this. I will still be visiting Nepal every year and, no doubt, will continue to raise money so please keep in touch if you would like to know more about the work out there.

I will still be one of the partners in Montpelier Health so will still be seen at the health centre form time to time. I might even get asked to see some skin problems!!

Thanks for making Montpelier a great place to work.

Dr Tim Mitchell