Creative Wellbeing

creative wellbeing

“the freedom to creatively express oneself seemed to dispel all the outside pressures of life”

What are Creative Wellbeing Groups?

Relaxed and friendly group sessions in local health care settings and community venues, led by an experienced facilitator.

Using a variety of simple techniques and materials you will be gently encouraged to explore and develop your own creativity and learn new skills at your own pace. No previous experience is necessary.

The focus will be on playing with materials, being creative and having fun!

Who are they for?

The group is for anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing & social interaction.

Sessions can be particularly beneficial for people;

  • with low level anxiety & depression
  • suffering from stress
  • feeling isolated
  • with low self esteem & confidence
  • coping with change or loss
  • coping with chronic illness
  • coping with pain
  • who are carers

When and where are they happening?

The sessions will be held at Montpelier Health Centre on Tuesdays 12.45pm – 2.45pm

How to get involved

Simply download and complete a referral form. Hand the completed form in to surgery reception. The artist will then get in touch with you and let you know when you can start.

Here is what others have said about taking part in Creative Wellbeing groups

“imagine an atmosphere where everyone feels supported…yes, mutual support seems to just happen…almost as if by magic.”

“I feel more relaxed here, because there is nothing expected”

“an unchallenging environment where peace and quiet reigns, meaning we’re free to chat while we work but, if we simply want to get on with things without conversation, that is fine too.”

“I never imagined that I would not be stressed and tense again.”

“we did not seem to dwell on illness or problems, it was a time when one could just” ‘be’.

“it was exciting and let me unwind, and develop new ideas.”

“if I’m getting panicky, I think about what I’m doing at art class, and it’s a diversion from feeling worse, going into a full blown panic and being so scared.“

“it brings you back into the land of the living’

“its escapism, you can come here and forget everything”

“when you’re here you don’t watch the clock and when it comes time to go home you don’t want to go!”