Bristol Wellbeing College

Bristol Wellbeing College provides free workshops, courses and activities to explore, improve and maintain mental health and wellbeing. We do not have set periods of study; our learners choose sessions appropriate for them.


Green Workshops

Lighter, one-off sessions offering an introduction into various ways to improve wellbeing. They are accessible to anyone, encouraging self expression and self-care. Sessions involve techniques, activities, and ways to connect with our senses, to develop a wellbeing toolkit.

Blue Workshops

More detailed one-off sessions that focus on making positive changes to habits, behaviours and lifestyle. The workshops support you to maintain positive change or take steps towards making a change. These more structured sessions aim to provide you with helpful tools and strategies.

Pink Courses

In-depth, multiple sessions encouraging self-reflection, long-term planning and  progression. The sessions provide an opportunity to share experiences and support each other. Courses require commitment and a willingness to complete homework.

Online Delivery

Our sessions are delivered via the free app, Zoom. We are happy to provide technical assistance and advice. We will get in touch with all new learners to explain how sessions work and answer any questions you have.


Sessions are available to Bristol residents who have:

  • Used Bristol Mental Health Services, and their carers
  • Patients of Fromeside Specialist Community Forensic Team
  • Patients of Inner City and East locality GP surgeries

Visit Bristol Wellbeing College for more information and to enrol.

For further information, please email us at: or call on 0117 909 6630.