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Patient Notice

We would like to notify you that although lockdown rules are easing, we still aren’t working at full capacity – and we won’t be for a while. This is in order to protect all of our patients and our staff.

There are still rules around what we are and aren’t allowed to do, and we need to operate in a way which ensures everyone’s safety.

The measures we have put in place include:

  • Reducing the capacity of our building
  • Ensuring that our staff have time to clean between patients
  • Asking everyone to wear a face covering inside the Health Centre
  • Implementing a total triage model – you will speak to a clinician on the phone before getting an appointment
  • Screening on the door of the Health Centre
  • Offering a reduced number of face to face appointments and an increased number of telephone appointments
  • Implementing eConsult so that you can submit your symptoms & requests electronically (via our website)

The current way that we are working takes a lot of time, and we may not be able to do things in the same way as you had come to expect prior to COVID-19. We therefore ask that you kindly be patient with us.

Scam Alert

Some women have received a text message claiming to be from the call and recall service, advising that they are overdue for cervical screening. The message asks them to call a mobile number and provide personal details. These messages are NOT from the NHS Cervical Screening Programme.

Please be alert to this scam.

Notice for Patients

During this Covid19 pandemic, Montpelier Health are closely following Public Health England guidance. We would like to reassure all users that we are taking the appropriate measures to maintain a safe and clean environment and using the recommended PPE for the primary care setting.