CCTV and your Privacy in the Surgery

Our CCTV cameras are located within the Surgery.

Our CCTV cameras are located within the surgery waiting room and externally between surgery buildings and both patient and staff parking areas.

We take the privacy and dignity of all our patients, staff and visitors very seriously, always taking care to position our cameras accordingly and do not have any hidden cameras in any of our public areas. All the images are recorded 24 hours a day.

Our cameras aim to:

To protect staff, patients and visitors

To protect NHS premises

To increase personal safety and reduce the fear of crime

To reduce incidents of violence and aggression to staff members

To support the police in reducing and detecting crime

To assist in identifying, apprehending and prosecuting offenders

To provide a deterrent effect and reduce criminal activity

To assist in traffic management and car parking schemes

If you have would like any information about our use of CCTV, or have any issues regarding CCTV please contact Montpelier Health.